District Committee Members

The Saugahatchee District has a dedicated group of volunteers who serve as our District Committee.

  • District Chairman - Julie Hoff
  • Vice-Chairman - vacant
  • Program Chairman - vacant
    • Training Committee: vacant
    • Camping Committee: Jonathan Middleton (Chair), Mike Eddy, David Estep, Julie Hoff
    • Activities Committee: , Dave Brackett
    • Communications Committee: Scot Tway, Jarrett Moore
    • Advancement Committee: Bobby Meadows (Chair), John Y. Hung, J.R. Smith, Darrell Johnson, George Blake
    • Emergency Preparedness Coordinator: Bill Meadows
  • Membership Chairman - Rob Stanford
  • Finance Chairman - vacant
    • Finance Committee: Julie Hoff, Bob Dumas, Sasha Schallock
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